How To Pay / Order

Greetings from Choiceslab we have received so many questions on how to order and pay and this page is dedicated to that. once you complete going through this page, Ordering became easy.

Note: We Ship worldwide except to the following countries

North and South Korea, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Bolivia, Syria, Bahrain.

Once you visit our shop page, add to cart the products you wish to buy, View your cart and proceed to checkout.

How to Pay

We have different payment options listed on your site.( Cashapp,Bitcoins,Zelle)

Important Cash App Notice:

Cashapp Notice: We’ve had several complains from clients who tried to make payment via Cashapp” Cashapp warns the tag might be related to a Scam.

We contact Cash Support and we are still to get a response from them. But what we understood after several attempts was that its a new security option.

Where Cashapp tries to warn clients when sending money above $50 to a cash tag which is not in your contact list and you’ve never send money to the person before. This is just to make sure you are sending to the right person. So what we advise is, when you receive your confirmation email with our CashApp info. Make sure you try sending $1 and hold on till we accept and confirm. if it is successful then you will send the rest.

Note: This is no red flag

We just want to reassure our clients,when you see this please proceed. with the payment. we’ve had many calls about this and we decided to place it on our page so most of you can understand. Thank you.

Payment via Cashapp.

  1. Download the Cashapp App from Playstore(Andriod users) or Appstore(IOS Users
  2. Create and account with your email or phone
    3 Link your account with either your bank or your Debit card.
    4 Add money into your cashapp balance.
    5 Send to the cashtag we provide via the confirmation email and take a screenshot or picture of the reciept and email it to our email and within 2 hours you will recieve your order confirmation with your Tracking number.

Payment via Bitcoin.

There are different ways to acquire bitcoins. You can purchase bitcoin via Cashapp also via the website or https://Coinmama.

Buying bitcoins via Cashapp is as easy as it gets. Follow the same procedure as sending via cashapp.( information at the top of the page) once you have money inside your cashapp balance follow this procedure.

1.Tap the Investing tab on your Cash App home screen
2.Tap Bitcoin
3.Press Buy
4.Select an amount or tap … to enter a custom amount
5.Enter your PIN and select Confirm

6.Take a screenshot/picture of the receipt and email it to our email at with your order number.

Paying Via zelle

  1. You can download the zelle pay app or visit
  2. Create an account and link with you bank.
  3. select the person you want to send to
  4. input the receivers email ()
  5. Send the payment
  6. Take a screenshot/picture of the receipt and email it to our email at with your order number.


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